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From positioning to graphic design, copy writing to consumer behavior, we’re here to help a business owner get unstuck through the lens of brand strategy. Co-hosts Amy Swift Crosby and Hilary Laffer bring decades of experience to their work as a copy writer (Amy) and agency principal (Hilary).

But instead of months-long engagements with clients and brands, these are real-time, unscripted workshopping sessions. Each short conversation is designed to unpack, redirect, and get clarity about what to do…right now

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EP. 21 | 6/30/22

Cool name or my own name?

Got a business glitch?

Every week, we take a question from an entrepreneur, CMO, personality or business owner and we roll up our sleeves for about half-an hour. Doesn’t have to be a “brand” question, but it could be. It’s serious work, but (warning) we are not super serious people.

Submit your question in the form below and we’ll consider you for the show, or you may get it answered in our Mailbag segment. And don’t worry, we’re nice, tough love and all.

Amy + Hilary

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    How to bring a fresh vibe to the status quo? Just because trade show is in the tithe don’t be deterred. This is lateral thinking that applies to any business or project. #podcast #brandstrategy #tradeshow ...

    How to create a business card that aptly reflects your voice? Sensibility? Especially when you’re an artist / writer non-“brand”? How to create a card that does the job it’s supposed to do? Amy’s mom calls the hotline to get some counsel and we sure have a lot to say! @hilarylaffer @amyswiftcrosby @lynne_swift_art #businesscards #designthinking #marketingforartists #brandstrategy ...

    Got a business quandary? We’re here for it. Keep it anonymous or get specific - because your challenge can benefit everyone navigating business life in 2022. DM and get your question answered on the show! #podcast #brandstrategy #smallbusiness #entrepreneurs ...

    WE’RE BACK for Season 2, and we want to hear from you. Got a question about your business that you can’t quite crack? Need some expertise on a name, direction, conundrum or quandary? The hotline is open and we’re inviting business owners - new or veteran - to call in (a la Car Talk) for a diagnosis and solution. ...

    This week's guests asks: how do you unite two separate stores, each with their own personality and loyal customer base, under the umbrella of a single brand? Tune in to Episode 15 of The Brandsmiths at the link in our bio. ...

    Have you ever had to let go of one make another thing bigger? This week’s guest @bestgiftstoreever is facing just that kind of challenge. Her two stores, Tesoro (Beverly Hills) and Tweak (West Hollywood) are making this second gen retailer’s life more complicated than it needs to be. One brand would simplify, amplify and create brand efficiencies that make sense. But how? Customers are easily confused. Tune in as Amy and Hilary guide Tara through the transition. ...

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