Business has always been a battle of priorities. While that hasn’t changed, the world order has.

Today, shelves and in-boxes are crowded. Uncertainty is ubiquitous. Owners have to bring agility and focus to managing priorities more than ever, and while owning or running a business was never a cake walk, today is definitely…not-business-as-usual.

Brand strategy is one way to understand and grow your business from a lens that keeps everyone using the same compass.

But branding isn’t marketing (nope). Brand is the DNA – the connective tissue – that informs all the decisions you make for your business.

The Brandsmiths bring decades of brand strategy experience to this 30-minute show featuring one business owner with a question.

You won’t hear any quick fixes or “seven steps to branding” on this podcast, despite the drive-thru-branding pace.

Our mission is to deliver insightful recommendations and feedback that help them – and, help you, too.

In fact there are no promises or prescriptions, because everyone’s issues are different – and quality thinking doesn’t come in a template. These are real issues, with real business leaders.

Meet The Brandsmiths

Hilary Laffer and Amy Swift Crosby have worked together as brand strategists since 2005. Together (and separately) they have helped hundreds (thousands?) of businesses and founders distill and articulate their mission, vision and positioning, in industries ranging from consumer products, hospitality, restaurant, retail, beauty, wellness, education and real estate – as well as product and service companies who are solely B to B. Hilary is the principal of Part & Parcel, a full-service creative agency based in Los Angeles. Amy is a copy writer and strategist who divides her time between Los Angeles and an undisclosed seaside village in Massachusetts.