Raising money while building a database

Like so many, Caitlyn is asking about building a subscriber database for her fintech (financial tech) app for women. But how do you build it…starting from zero… at the same time you are raising the money to complete the app? As tactical and digital-marketing-ish as this question sounds, Amy and Hilary take a brand-centric approach to helping this founder utilize her pre-launch phase in a different way. On this episode of The Brandsmiths, Amy + Hilary talk about ‘magnetizing’ a brand, even at this early stage.

EP. 17 | 4/27/22


Email lists
Magnet vs. Megaphone
Venture capital
Newsletter marketing

“My name is Caitlyn and my question is about building email leads for newsletter marketing. I’m in the pre-launch stage of a FinTech app I created with a goal of removing financial barriers to saving and investing for women. The app is unique in its interface, which is aimed at building a positive association in the user’s mind with growing their personal net worth. It’s as if Instagram, Spotify, and  your banking app united together. So here’s my question, how can I use this time to build a customer database?”