Brewing Loyalty... And Change

Seattle’s favorite restaurateur phones in from the road where he’s shuttling between his 8 successful restaurants and handful of independent coffee shops. Cafe Vita (his secret favorite child) has gone through an ownership transition – and not everyone  was in the mood for change. This is a great example of a business with a strong brand DNA (and loyal following), who could be leveraging it in an even more strategic way. Local hero (and Soundgarden’s favorite barista in the 90’s), Deming embodies the wisdom of a humble – but highly strategic – leader. 

Ep. 4 | 12/2/20


Brand DNA
Brand essence
Culture as brand
Ownership transition

“For people who know the brand and are married to what it already is … we want to reassure them that it’s still us, but we’re moving in a new direction.”

Deming Maclise, Caffé Vita