Is there ever a right time to launch?

Introducing a product to market is a big moment for a small business. This sock brand founder contemplates what to sacrifice in her manufacturing challenge while Amy and Hilary weigh the options for how to get the product to market outside of the conventional manufacturing and distribution channels. In this episode: manufacturing, brand strategy, customers, trade shows, partnerships, US versus overseas production, supply chain.

Ep. 16 | 4/7/22


Supply chain
Small business
Go-to-market (GTM) strategy
Partner brand
Brand launch

“It’s Amy from Qool socks calling. Here’s the deal, you may remember that the mission of cool socks is to give kids roughly ages five to 14, super high quality performance socks, that offer them a space for creative expression that appeals to them.  These are not tacky socks. Where I’m at a standstill is the manufacturing point. I want to have a relationship with a US based manufacturer. But the ones here in are really, really busy. I have gotten the advice to just start move ahead with whatever I can get my hands on in terms of a product. It’s so hard to bring something to market when you know it could be better. Do I just keep pounding away at this manufacturing challenge and try to find someone?