Yoga Woes

Yoga and pretty much all fitness studios are experiencing a new normal. People aren’t coming back for in-person training the way they did pre-pandemic. Amy and Hilary give counsel to a New York City Yoga studio owner who is wisely trying to crack the code of customer attraction and retention – a complex recipe in 2022. This episode is ideal for anyone who may be struggling with the head-scratcher of “we have a great product and experience – so why aren’t they showing up or staying?” This is especially useful for those with brick and mortar – but it really applies to any service business.

EP. 18 | 5/13/22


Covid pivot
Post-pandemic business
Customer feedback
New customer patterns
Brick and mortar business
First class free
Fitness business

“My name is Rima. I’m the founder of Souk, a yoga studio in Manhattan. What’s keeping me up at night is the fact that we have the coolest space hot in every sense of the word magical sound system. And best teachers in New York City hands down but students aren’t flocking in attendance has been slower than expected on opening day, we did have 78 people on their mats. I’m realizing that we’re also facing change behaviors, like people being comfortable practicing or engaging in their workout routines from home. And I feel like I’m perhaps too close to the business to determine whether it’s a traffic issue, like getting people through the door or brand awareness issue, or both.”