The Art of Business Cards

When you’re a person, not a brand, how do you create a meaningful, memorable business card? Brand strategists Amy Swift Crosby and Hilary Laffer help a visual artist who fumbled her first round of business cards (rightly so), figure out the best way to promote her art in a way that truly represents her work. A great example of how to apply brand strategy to anything people see, feel, touch or experience.

EP. 19 | 5/26/22


Business card
Self promotion
Artist statement
Art as brand
Quick printing
Brand strategy
Personal branding

“I’m a visual artist. I’ve been invited to a few shows now and have sold some pieces. So it felt like maybe way past time to get a business card so that I can share my work, contact information more easily when people ask. So the problem is I created one through an online printing company… But when they came in the mail, I opened them up. I just thought this is not interesting. So I just don’t feel like they’re that compelling. I’m just wondering how I can approach my business card and really anything else that I’m going to be using using brand strategy.”