Trade Show Triage

This week, Hilary and Amy offer a caller ways to create a “cool trade show booth,” using “brand strategy thinking.” But wait! If you’re like “Uh, trade shows have nothing to do with my life,” think again. Amy reveals the (highly effective) marketing technique she uses with her husband, which can be applied to any business with an email marketing strategy (listeners, feel free to borrow for your domestic needs.) Consider this a 101 on how to think about any medium, platform or audience. Strong takeaways for those in marketing, sales or players in a category with a clear lead time, event time and post-event timeframe. It’s all the same strategy.

EP. 20 | 6/11/22


Tradeshow booth
Competitive Audit

“I’ve attended a lot of trade shows before, but in other industries, and I’ve seen the booths my company has done in past years, so I know what it should look like. But this is the first trade show that we’re doing since 2020. And I’ve done a lot of marketing, especially digital, but this will be my first show. And I wanted to use what I have some other marketing experience and create a booth that’s more interesting or cool or just a fresh take on a trades how booth. But I’m not even sure how to even think about solving this problem.?