Who gets to be a guest on the show?

We select guests based on the type of business, the qualities of the founder or owner, the type of struggle or challenge they’re facing, and a few other criteria that help us determine if listeners will gain key takeaways. If you think you’d be a good guest, reach out.

What if I have a question, but don’t want to be on the show?

We have our Mailbag for these situations. Many people have brand or business questions that we can answer in segments rather than with a guest. Send them our way!

What is brand strategy?

Ha! We love this question. Brand strategy is all the stuff that informs everything you see and experience from a brand, person or entity. We like to call it connective tissue because you can’t see brand strategy itself – but you can see it at work. It’s not a logo, tagline or color palette – it’s all those things plus the way people answer the phone, the choices on social media, the quality of the tote bag, the way sales are advertised – it’s everything a consumer experiences when they come in contact with a brand.

Do Amy and Hilary consult with brands outside of the show?

You don’t have to be a podcast guest to work with the co-hosts, but they aren’t in the volume business and must be selective about client engagements. Contact them here if you’re interested in brand work. They do read every message.

Do Amy and Hilary do other people’s podcasts?

Yeah! If it makes sense and aligns with the mission of The Brandsmiths, the hosts love being guests on other pods.